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        Shanghai Qisheng equipment accessories Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998, and began to enter China's metallurgical, petroleum, railway, hydropower and other industries from the agency and sale of the industrial products of famous European enterprises,

  We have made great progress in the past few years. The company's long-term stable partners, including:SMS, PaulWurth,Danieli,Baosteel,ZPMC,Eaton,Voith

  And other well-known enterprises. Product sales coverage: USA, Southeast Asia, India and Brazil, Korea and other countries。

    Its victory has been a bridge between European enterprises and Asian markets, helping many European companies successfully enter China and Asian markets. In addition to our main products, KINSSON brand synchronous motor and

    FOSSA-KINSSONThe brand oil cylinder also has many excellent products: Astech hydraulic tools, Tiefenbach high pressure water system components, Condat fire resistant hydraulic oil and grease,

    Ronzio hydraulic motor, Kral screw pump and flowmeter, DK FLUID lubrication system, LK Technik seal, Conteasi filter element。

    We are committed to providing quality service to our customers, and your success is your reliable partner。


   Concentration,  Innovation, Cooperation.

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